Neema Children's Choir
Presented by Midland Cultural Centre

Neema Children's Choir

All Ages
Providing testimony and raising awareness of the problems faced by Uganda’s youth, and fundraising toward the goals of Neema Child Project.

Neema Children’s Choir first visited Canada in 2013 and again in 2015. With the help of Neema Child Project, they returned once every summer since 2015. The choir is directed by Pastor Daniel Mutibwa of Kingdom Child Project. They have spent entire summers dancing, singing and spreading God’s Light all over southern Ontario at schools, churches, markets, music festivals, community events, service clubs, private events and summer camps.

The choir members are orphaned and impoverished children aged 8 to 18 who are being raised by Pastor Francis Daniel Mutibwa and his wife Winifred Tumu Mutibwa of Kingdom Child Project. They represent hundreds of thousands of children in Uganda and millions more in the rest of Africa who have been orphaned due to the effects of AIDS, civil wars and under-developed social systems. The choir not only raises funds for themselves but for their brothers and sisters who remain back in Uganda and are supported by Kingdom Child Project.

Their messages are heartfelt and heartbreaking but also inspirational and motivational. Their energetic and impactful presentations have been well received by tens of thousands of Canadians to date. You can check out our social media pages for more behind the scenes looks into the Neema Children’s Choir.

Venue Information:
Midland Cultural Centre - Rotary Hall
333 King St.
Midland, ON, L4R 3M7