A Day in the Life with Eva Olsson
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A Day in the Life with Eva Olsson

All Ages
Host Fred Hacker interviews Dr. Eva Olsson, a Hungarian Holocaust survivor who experienced several extermination camps, including Auschwitz.

Dr. Eva Olsson is a survivor.

She was born in Hungary into a poor family of Hasidic Jews in 1924 (yes, she’s 94 years of age!). Almost three-quarters of a century ago, she experienced several extermination camps including the most notorious Auschwitz.

She and her sister survived the Holocaust; the rest of her family was wiped out.

She says: "I cannot live in the past, but I must live with it. Perhaps [telling] my story will weaken the hold the past has had on me." Since 1996, she has told her story more than 3800 times, to schools, universities, colleges, and churches.

Eva Olsson has received several awards and recognitions including honorary degrees, Peacemaker of the Year Award, and United Nations Guest Speaker. She has published a book about her experiences called "Unlocking Doors", and a CD entitled "Stronger than Fire".

Dr. Eva Olsson continues to share her story across North America, sensitizing future generations on reoccurring themes of racism and prejudice.

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